Kodak Panchromatic 100 EXPIRED

My aunt gave me this film roll, she found it in her room from a long time ago. I thought it’d be fun to shoot an expired film, a new experience. So I tried it, and I actually love how it turned out. Check it out!

It’s a dog, if you can’t see it.


This supposed to be a window, but you know…


What I regretted was that I didn’t calculate how old the roll was, and I was shooting most of it indoor (again repeating the mistake). But anyway it turned out pretty good, with all the grain effect, and the vintage look.


Surabaya Street, Jakarta

Around two months ago, me and my friends were planning to hunt photos around Jakarta. We decided to went to Surabaya Street in Menteng, Jakarta. The street was full of antique stores.

You can find an antique and old things, from books, cameras, household appliances, gramophone, vinyl record, cassettes, old manuscripts from different families, to things such as diving helmet, wayang, and old weapons. 01150001


all photos were taken by me on Canon AE-1 with Fujicolor C200


So I was bored, then I decided to take a walk around the city and took some pictures. It was bright that day, not too sunny but bright enough. This is the second roll, it was Agfa Vista 200 and I haven’t develop my first roll yet so I don’t know the output, the mistakes I’ve made, so I just shot random pictures of buildings, electric pole, and other things.

When I develop the rolls, this second roll is so disappointing and I think it’s such a waste. I think I set the aperture too low because at the time I’m afraid that it’s gonna be too dark but then it turned out to be too bright. A lot of lesson learned.


The only decent photo I took

Pictures taken with Canon AE-1 on Agfa Vista 200

Jakarta Old Town

The photos taken are still from my first roll but this one turns out better 🙂

So I’ve been strolling around Jakarta with my family and took some pictures.


Taken in Manggarai Station,  Jakarta

We ride the train and stop at the Jakarta Kota Station.

Jakarta Old Town or Kota, is a historical place, it used to be the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. We can see the traditional Jakarta before all the skyscrapers moved in. It’s a beautiful place, vintage and antique and the architecture is so admirable. That day was super hot so I just took a quick shot around the Fatahillah Square and went to buy drinks in Cafe Batavia.

The cafe was awful expensive but it has a very vintage and retro design, with a lot of frames of vintage posters and portraits on the wall, and the tall windows just give more than enough light for the whole room.

Then we walk to the nearest bus station and along the way, there are a lot of attraction. Most are people dressing as a patriotic hero or wearing traditional dresses, they dress that way to attract people to take a picture with them and the picture was charged. It was beautiful and attractive. There are also other cafes and restaurants along the way.

We found the bus station and went to the shopping mall because it’s a very very hot day, we just need to cool off.

Jakarta Street View
Corridor to the bus station

We went back home and I took some ‘golden-hour’ shot in the station.


All pictures are shot with a Canon AE-1 in Kodak Colorplus 200.

First Roll Ever

So this is my first roll of film, which is Kodak Colorplus 200, and I’m shooting with my not-so-new Canon AE-1. I love this camera, it’s not too heavy, and there’s a built-in light meter, and wide viewfinder. Unfortunately, it has to work with battery,  but it’s under control. I have educate myself with some video and article about the camera and about film photography and how to shoot, the exposure, aperture, shutter speed and stuff like that, and I was so nervous to shoot the first frame, but then I just go with it.

I took some photos from my backyard. I was confused to adjust the aperture and shutter speed but then I just try to shoot.

Some of the picture turns out okay, but some are overexposed and underexposed.

The picture of this lamp is the very first frame and it turns out super satisfying.



The pink floyd wall is over exposed, but I like how the shadow crossed the wall so I just snapped it.


This picture was taken from the balcony and I was surprised that it turns out pretty good because I wasn’t thinking back then.

The rest of the roll will be on the next story.